Kami Vision Introduces the KamiCare Fall Management Solution

KamiCare fall management solution

The KamiCare fall management solution is the most accurate, affordable, and easy to install fall detection system. With KamiCare, falls are detected in real-time and false alerts are eliminated. Caregivers and staff are notified immediately, reducing the risk of serious injuries caused by falls and improving fall prevention practices.

How AI is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

AI in healthcare

Owing to its contribution in building a thriving and productive community, healthcare is considered one of the most critical sectors in the broader landscape of big data. With a wide range of applications, AI can assist everyone in the healthcare industry, from doctors, nurses, and patients to other healthcare workers in their day-to-day work. In […]

Emergency Video Verification and Why it’s Important for Nurse Call Systems

Emergency Room Entrance

What is Emergency Video Verification? Emergency Video Verification is an option that allows on site personnel or preauthorized care circle members to view footage captured by our privacy cameras if and only if your nurse call system signals a medical alert. Your personnel who received the alert will review the footage to determine whether or […]