KamiCare Fall Detection Solution

KamiCare—The Leading Fall Detection Solution

Introducing KamiCare—The Affordable and Easy-to-Install Fall Detection Solution for Seniors with 99.9% Accuracy Each year nearly 36 million older adults suffer from an unexpected fall, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that at least three million of these falls result in emergency room visits. Falls are also the leading cause of […]

Using Computer Vision and Visual Media to Extract Actionable Data

Video has become an essential part of our lives. Whether we are working, playing video games, or doing business, we create more and more video content. Video has become so common that we can’t even imagine life without it. But creating it is only part of the story. We need to be able to make […]

False-Positive? Why Generic, Broad AI Models Can Be Ineffective

Did you know, according to a report by Gartner in October of 2020, almost half of all AI projects do not make it past the prototype stage? Why is this? The model training stage of your AI and ML-driven product or service is critical in determining whether or not the market adopts it or if the […]