What Type of Jobs Will AI Create?

AI meets Human

Job Creation vs Automation Artificial Intelligence is known for improving efficiency, delivering accurate results, and streamlining all processes. A number of people aren’t very accommodating of AI because they worry that AI automation will steal and destroy their jobs. Fortunately for all of us, the truth is that artificial intelligence creates a whole lot of […]

Computer Vision – Top 3 Industry Based Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence Brain

COVID–19 pandemic has had a negative impact on almost every industry out there. The new reality which is taking shape is made of uncertainty, complexities as well as opportunities. With WFH (Work From Home) becoming the new normal, the availability of fewer resources to work on site and thanks to numerous restrictions that arose because […]

I trained an AI model, now what?

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After choosing the best suitable algorithm and working with high-quality data, you may have finally touched the milestone of training your AI model. Congratulations on this feat! But most tutorials end at this point – so, now what? Before you start the celebrations and call it a day, know that this is just the starting […]