False-Positive? Why Generic, Broad AI Models Can Be Ineffective

Did you know, according to a report by Gartner in October of 2020, almost half of all AI projects do not make it past the prototype stage? Why is this? The model training stage of your AI and ML-driven product or service is critical in determining whether or not the market adopts it or if the […]

How And Why We Identify And Develop AI Models For Niche Cases

In today’s world, most AI developers build AI solutions that target broad use cases for large markets, excluding the smaller or niche markets. The primary reason for this is twofold; the high cost and time required for developing AI models, and secondly, investors have shown, unsurprisingly, more interest in markets that are easy to target […]

What Type of Jobs Will AI Create?

Job Creation vs Automation Artificial Intelligence is known for improving efficiency, delivering accurate results, and streamlining all processes. A number of people aren’t very accommodating of AI because they worry that AI automation will steal and destroy their jobs. Fortunately for all of us, the truth is that artificial intelligence creates a whole lot of […]