Emergency Video Verification and Why it’s Important for Nurse Call Systems

Emergency Room Entrance

What is Emergency Video Verification? Emergency Video Verification is an option that allows on site personnel or preauthorized care circle members to view footage captured by our privacy cameras if and only if your nurse call system signals a medical alert. Your personnel who received the alert will review the footage to determine whether or […]

Why Gender Diversity in AI Matters: 3 Important Women in AI You Should Know

Woman at desk in office

A quick Google search for “women in AI” produces an unsurprisingly short list of female-identifying tech leaders advancing artificial intelligence. Below the initial search results is Google’s, “People also ask” section. The first question: “Can girls study artificial intelligence?” Ironically, this algorithm that identifies commonly searched for questions offers evidence that there is a gender […]

Emergency Video Verification and Why it’s Important for Home Health Care

Emergency Room Entrance

What is aging-in-place, and why are more seniors choosing this option vs. assisted living.  Before we talk about the benefits of Emergency Video Verification, we think it’s important to understand why now is the time to introduce it into your offering. We have all heard this term by now, “aging-in-place.” It’s been around now for […]