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Kami Care

    The KamiCare fall management solution is a stand-alone fall detection system that is accurate, affordable and easy to install

    Privacy protected

    99% fall detection accuracy

    Eliminates false alerts

    Instant alerts: email, SMS or phone call

    Do it yourself installation

    Scalable for any size facility

    Plugs in to a standard electric outlet

    Uses existing Wi-Fi

    How KamiCare Works


    The fall sensor, using AI, is
    continuously running to detect falls


    Once a fall is detected, a blurred and encrypted video is sent to our monitoring center for verification purposes


    Upon confirmation, alerts are immediately sent to the designated caregiver by phone call, email or SMS, allowing for the appropriate course of action

    KamiCare Respects The Individual’s Privacy

    The sensor transmits the fall video clip for review, only when a potential fall is detected

    The transmitted videos are blurred to protect privacy

    All videos are encoded using
    bank level encryption