Introducing Kami Turing

The worlds first customizable, edge-focused AI computer vision platform

A complete, edge-based vision AI platform designed for developers and organizations to easily build
and maintain computer vision solutions with minimal time and effort. Including a suite of core services,
video streaming, analytics and storage, mobile SDKs and camera firmware with edge AI.

Cameras + AI BOX (Optional)

Hardware agnostics
solution supports
cameras with chips from
multiple vendor.

Device Management

Low-latency and near-real-time video streaming plus storage services for clips as needed.

Access Control

Sophisticated access controls via user management
and role management modules.

Video Streaming, Analytics & Storage

Low-latency and near-real-time video streaming plus storage services for clips as needed.

Rules and Event Management

Extremely flexible rules and event management
services for maximum customization.

Alerts and Notifications

Send push notifications to customers as needed.

OTA Updates

Over the air updates to firmware and edge AI models
sent seamlessly to devices.

Multi-Level Hierarchical Design

Create nested logical groups to bundle and manage resources at a granular level.

Kami Turing

Web & Mobile Apps

Ease of access with
desktop and mobile

Kami Turing Security & Compliance


Access all the security features
of AWS, automatically inherited
by Kami Turing

Partner-Level Data

Complete separation of data
among partners even for a
multi-partner deployment


All data, at rest and at transfer,
is encrypted


Ready-to-use for enhanced

SOC2 Type I and II

Currently undergoing SOC2
compliance audit

Watch Dr Ajay Gulati, Chief Technology Officer, introduce the Kami AI Platform

Kami Turing Dashboard Features

Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3
Open Platform allow
3rd party AI
EDGE + Cloud AI
Multi Device Support
AI Capability
Cloud Compute+ Storage
Phone Apps
Multi Solution
Capability (Horizontal)
Computer Vision Platform
Flexible Hardware: Turn more than just a camera into a computer vision device such as a security panel or wifi router. Put Kami’s vision AI firmware on any device.