Vision AI for Safety, Security & Operations

Optimizing vision data for 6 million people and businesses worldwide.

Turn Video Into Smart, Insightful Data With Vision AI

Kami Vision is the trusted provider of vision AI solutions that help companies optimize in ways they never imagined.


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Kami Vision’s AI Services Increase Well-being and Security Around the World

Our AI software powers 15M devices across 120 countries, with 340K new devices paired each month.

Revolutionizing Millions of Spaces, Businesses and Lives

120M US households

Less than 30% have home security systems – even fewer are “smart”

3m retail establishments

Require store management, security and customer flow analysis

20m residents

In senior living communities & 55M people age 65+ in the US

1 billion cameras

Capture passive, unactionable data worldwide


Adults aged 65+ fall each year

Powered by an Open AI Platform

Our solutions are custom-built on our vision AI platform to support a range of use cases and industries. Easily implement and scale to get the most out of affordable, highly accurate AI software solutions.

The Future of AI Is at the Edge

We harness the power of edge AI to run models directly on the device.
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Machine Learning Algorithms

Advanced AI models on the Edge to actively perceive the environment.

Device-Cloud Combination

Device, video, alerting and storage management.

Faster Insights

Minimal inference time and reduced latency.

Maximum Data Security

Bank-level encryption and computing power closer to the data source.

Efficient Operations

Reduce bandwidth, monthly fees and total cost of service.

Kami Vision Is for Organizations That Want To:

Provide peace of mind and safer environments.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Create value and actionable insights from existing video data, at scale.

Designed for Business

Making vision AI widely accessible for a range of unique business needs – from operations to compliance and more.

Home Security Providers

Design, manufacture and sell profitable vision AI smart home products, quickly and easily.

Senior Living Communities

Keep residents safe and retain staff with comprehensive, vision AI-based fall management.

Enterprise Organizations

Optimize efficiency and safety with automation and a custom-built vision AI solution.

Our Trusted Partners

“Working with Kami Vision has been one of the best decisions that we have made as a company in the last few years. Their teams have been extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable and willing to dedicate the needed resources to push products and integrations to completion on schedule. We feel that they are not just another vendor but a true partner who is committed to helping us compete in our industry with leading edge technology and at a price point that keeps us relevant. Through this partnership we are able to focus on the core aspects of our business without any worry of product delivery and innovation.”
“Within just a few days of installing KamiCare, we experienced the benefits. It caught a fall that the resident did not remember, so he likely wouldn’t have reported it. Not only did KamiCare save time and resources, but more importantly, it improved the wellbeing of the resident.”
Marilyn Lawson, executive director, Village at Valley View Memory Care Center
“Kami Vision has proven to make the world a better place through top notch camera solutions and vision AI technology, which is backed by millions of satisfied customers around the world. We’re excited to partner with Kami Vision and build a next generation vision AI platform that can be quickly adapted to create consumer and enterprise solutions. This is truly like an App store for AI models running on edge or cloud.”


“By offering our customers a technology like Kami Vision’s that further enables aging in place, we can enhance our promise to protect family, health and independence with the best senior life-saving alert systems in the nation.”
“One of the main reasons we selected KamiCare is its ability to immediately let us know of a fall within one minute of occurrence and provide insight about the cause. The alert time and insight are critical for our residents and significantly relieve pressure on care staff. Set up was extremely easy and self-explanatory — we are very pleased and think Kami Vision is doing great things.”
– Archie Trotty, Manager of Resident Care, Village Green Alzheimer’s Care
“Partnering with Kami Vision on camera manufacturing and integrating cloud solutions has been a fascinating journey. We’re proud to have accomplished breakthrough projects together and are excited to be on a growing path for enabling businesses to scale their offering through vision solutions.”

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