Edge AI – Bringing the Digital Transformation At the Forefront

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines in the form of human cognitive functions such as speech recognition, visual perception, and decision-making. Irrespective of the field, AI is already changing our daily lives to improve safety, productivity, and human health, along with changing how people interact with technology.

Today, with a large number of customers spending more and more time on their devices, an increasing number of businesses are realizing the pressing need to innovate and bring essential computation onto the device to better serve their customers. This will remain one of the key reasons behind the rapid growth of the edge AI market over the next few years.

This blog explores more about the edge AI concept and how will it transform our lives in the future.

AI For Everyone

AI, in simple terms, refers to the simulation of human intelligence by computer systems. The last few years have seen the applications of artificial intelligence has improved considerably around the world. Statistics also suggest that artificial intelligence technologies could increase global GDP by a whopping $15.7 trillion, a full 14 percent, by 2030.

With AI systems learning to adapt individual personalities, our future relationships with machines are getting more nuanced and personalized. These AI applications will transform our lives and help monitor people’s well-being, deliver services as and when needed and alert them to various risks ahead.

Driving Edge AI and Beyond

Connected City

Edge computing is primarily a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and storage power closer to the device itself instead of increasing density within a data center.

When used in combination with artificial intelligence (AI), edge AI can open several doors to innovation, enhanced security/ compliance, and rapid automation.

Among some of the edge of the way, AI is expected to make a significant impact on businesses and industries include:

– Development of low-cost devices with powerful inbuilt AI models. One example of this advancement in AI is Kami Cameras, costing as little as 30 dollars and available with an inbuilt AI model. These cameras use the latest AI algorithms to reduce false alerts, which means you will only receive alerts when it matters.
– Various coming-age Edge AI tools will be developed, thus eliminating the need to replace outdated legacy systems.
– Edge AI will enable seamless and contactless health and safety monitoring in the workplace.
– Automated safety monitoring will help save businesses a great deal of money in workers’ compensation costs.
– The future will see higher adoption of video and high bandwidth sensors that will further increase the demand for edge AI.

Edge diagram

In conclusion

Edge AI is garnering much attention today partly because of the recent advances in robust edge compute capability and increasingly popular AI algorithms. However, what has given rise to the real need for edge AI is the ever-changing dynamics of various user engagement models and human-machine interactions.

The potential applications and use cases for edge AI are far-reaching and diverse, but there are a few industries such as manufacturing, media & entertainment, and automative that seem poised for a complete transformation.

At Kami Vision, we aim to utilize both Edge computing and advanced AI techniques to offer powerful digital transformation opportunities based on real-time analytics and the ability to directly analyze more contextual information. 

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