Fall Detect Observations with Mia Enriquez

Mia Enriquez, Private Geriatric Caregiver, recently shared her thoughts on Fall Detect by KamiCare with Jennifer Smith, Senior Manager Communications with Kami Vision. You may watch the video interview above or read Mia’s thoughts below.   

Jennifer:  What do you appreciate most about KamiCare?

Mia: One of the things that I really appreciated and found a lot of value in is the alert system with family members whose loved ones have fallen, to find possible solutions to prevent it from happening again. It was a really great value in just getting those alerts. I actually did receive a couple of those alerts and I was able to view what was happening. It allowed me to immediately check in to say, “Hey, can you just make sure so and so is, okay?” I thought that was valuable.

Jennifer:  How do you think Fall Detect by KamiCare will help families?

Mia: One of the things that family members worry the most is when their loved ones fall and no one’s there to help them, and it could be a day or a couple days. So not getting to their loved ones as soon as there is a fall, and not wanting them to be by themselves and not getting the help that they need. So, getting that alert is, I think, super helpful to a lot of families. It’s when something bad has happened, a fall has happened, and now mom and dad are at a higher fall risk. How do we manage that? We can’t prevent these falls. Falls are going to happen, but how do we get to mom and dad as quickly as possible? And I liked how I was able to see a video.

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