Kami Vision Adds Person, Vehicle and Animal Detection for Smart AI Detections

Kami moves the Consumer beyond Motion Detection by Providing Insightful Data of their household activity.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 09, 2022 – Kami Vision, the computer vision company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enterprise, SMB and consumers, announced today the launch of person, vehicle and animal Artificial Intelligence (AI) features as part of the Kami Cloud subscription service. The company’s new technology enables its IP cameras to provide detailed alerts to its customers about what is happening on camera, beyond the industry standard of motion detection.

The new features extend the current AI detection solutions that alert users to what triggered their cameras. This reduces the number of false alerts or alerts generated by irrelevant activity, for example a tree blowing in the wind triggered by motion detection. These updated solutions allow the consumer to focus on the relevant events in and around their home.

“There is an overwhelming demand for upgrading smart camera capabilities through software to empower the consumer to remotely monitor their home with confidence,” said Yamin Durrani, CEO of Kami Vision. “Kami Vision provides its customers with the latest home security smart AI detections to provide the ultimate peace of mind.”
Kami Vision will be featuring Kami Cloud’s person, vehicle and animal AI features at ISC West in Las Vegas later this month (March 22-25, 2022). To see it firsthand, visit Booth 23125 at the Las Vegas Venetian Expo.

About Kami Vision
Kami Vision is the creator of the first edge-based computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) platform for consumers and businesses utilizing video technology. Kami Vision’s AI platform is device-agnostic, affordable, customizable and offers a wide variety of out-of-the-box industry specific AI applications. The company’s technology enables smart cameras for enterprises, SMBs and consumers. The Kami AI platform provides an ecosystem for AI developers to own and operate their SDKs for industry-specific workflows to improve operational efficiency. Kami Vision software powers 12M cameras across the globe with more than 5M active users in 100+ countries, including Fortune 100 companies and experienced more than 150% Year-over-Year revenue growth from 2021 to 2022. Follow Kami Vision on LinkedIn and Twitter @KamiHome.

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