With an increasingly aging population, the
challenge of providing dedicated, quality care has
now been made easier with affordable, advanced
AI solutions.

  • Every

    20 seconds,

    A United States senior suffers a fatal fall.
  • Every

    13 seconds,

    A senior is treated in an ER for a fall-related injury.

The KamiCare Fall Management Solution

KamiCare is a stand-alone fall detection system that is 99.9% accurate, affordable and easy to install.  

It’s advanced AI technology offers close to real-time fall alerts, while respecting individuals’ privacy.

KamiCare Benefits:


Does not require elders to press buttons; system passively monitors elder adults.

Ease of Use

Uses existing WiFi and plugs into standard electrical outlets. No recharging necessary.

Future Injury Prevention

Caregivers & doctors can see what led to the fall to help put in place future preventative measures.

Reduce ER Visits

Quickly notify your staff to enhance response times which can reduce ER visits, increase facility occupancy rates and length of stay.

How KamiCare Works

Advanced Detection

The fall sensor using advanced AI is continuously running to detect falls.

Privacy Protected

Once a fall is detected, a blurred and encrypted video is sent to our monitoring center for verification.

Accurate Alerts

Upon confirmation, alerts are immediately sent to the designated caregiver by phone call, email or SMS, allowing for the appropriate course of action.

Play Video

Fall Alert Trigerred, Detect
Pre & Post Fall Video

Fall Alert Sent to Caregivers

Set Alert Order: Parallel
vs Sequential

Live View & 2-Way Audio

Fall Video can be saved to
App or stored for review.

How Fall Detection Works

Using vision AI, the Fall Detection Solution sensors identify when the user has suddenly fallen by detecting the abrupt changes of body movements. The alert is automatically sent to be verified, and once verified, immediately sent to the responsible party for the appropriate action.

With live view and 2-way audio, the Fall Detection Solution allows for additional evaluation and care support. The fall video can be stored for review to allow a post-fall evaluation. Fast and accurate, the Kami Fall Detection Solution provides advanced technology at an affordable price.

KamiCare Respects The Individual’s Privacy

The senor transmits the fall video clip for review, only when a potential fall is detected

The transmitted videos are blurred to protect privacy

All videos are encoded using bank level encryption

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