Custom-Built Vision AI Solutions for Enterprise, Deployed Fast

Quickly implement and scale affordable, highly tailored vision AI solutions for a range of use cases and industries, powered by the Kami Core platform.

Experts Partners and Proven Implementation

Our team is highly specialized in vision AI and has perfected the project design and implementation methodology, from discovery to deployment and every step of support along the way.

Rapid Deployment

Go to market in 6 weeks with a team of 2 people.

Configurable Web UI

Easily leverage existing user interface vs. code from scratch.

Existing Backend and Notifications

Kami Cloud platform offers open APIs.

SOC II Certified

Fully compliant with customer data standards.

Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage Kami Vision’s secure deployment.

AI Models

Existing models or plug in your own.

Mobile App

White-label our app, trusted by 6M active users.

Reduce Time, Cost and Risk with Kami Vision

Building a vision AI solution in house can be slow and costly. With Kami Vision’s nimble, open platform we can custom create a solution in a fraction of the time and at 25% of the typical price.

Go to Market

2 people

Web UI

Leverage Kami’s configurable UI

Backend, Notifications

Use Kami cloud platform with open APIs

Phone App

Use Kami's white-labeled apps
6 weeks2 weeks2 weeks2 weeks

Customized Implementation Methodology

Solution Set Up with AI Models

[Approx 1-2 weeks]

AI Modeling

[Approx 3-5 weeks]

Solution Set Up with AI Models

[Approx 1-2 weeks]

Solution Delivery

[Approx 1 week]

Ongoing Support and AI Model Enhancements


Infinite Vision AI Applications

People Counting

Crowd control, venue and workplace safety. AI-sensors detect humans and identify the population density of a crowd.

Vehicle Detection

Smart cities, highway management, parking lot safety. Vision-based sensors are trained to identify cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Fall & Elopement Detection

Improve safety in senior care, detect potential physical hazards, dispatch care staff and gather insight to prevent future risks. Sensors detect sudden changes in body position.

Retail Environment Enhancement

Track customer flow, analyze behavioral patterns, optimize merchandise decisions, and ensure store management and security.

Surveillance & Security

Prevent unauthorized access, monitor activity and regulatory compliance, gauge body temperatures, and ensure site safety for workers.

Work Site Safety

Construction, oil and gas and manufacturing industries. Ensure worker safety, simplify predictive maintenance, ensure equipment health and raw material supplies, manage regulatory compliance and address manpower requirements.

Case Studies

Home Security Gets a Boost with AI Cameras


Alder/Cove, ​​the number one customer-rated home security system, approached Kami Vision to add AI-enhanced security cameras to their suite of sensor and pad offerings.


Kami Vision developed a custom portfolio of solutions for Alder/Cove to provide homeowners with the first DIY-style, full-suite camera and home security system professionally monitored 24/7 and enhanced by vision AI. The comprehensive and professional-grade home security monitoring solution provides maximum home protection that is affordable and easy to install.


Alder/Cove was able to bring the home security offering to market faster, for less risk than developing hardware, software and AI platform in-house. The company has seen strong adoption of the AI video enabled solution including the addition of nearly 4,000 new customers per month.

Vision AI Sensors Modernize A Personal Emergency Response System


Bay Alarm Medical approached Kami Vision to improve its personal emergency response system (PERS). The company wanted a better way to help seniors call for help and stay safe, if they fell and couldn’t push the button for any physical or cognitive reason.

Solution & Results

Kami Vision designed a custom solution to integrate with the existing PERS system that detected falls using a vision AI-enabled sensor. The solution sent automatic alerts to care givers and fit seamlessly with.

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