Unlock the Power of Vision AI

Kami Vision empowers everyone to build, design and experience the power of vision AI. Our enterprise-grade vision AI technology delivers all the elements required to bring your solution to market. And our developer-friendly platform makes it simple to develop custom vision AI apps and solutions that enhance your business.

A Powerful Engine Behind Multiple Business AI Use Cases

We designed the Kami AI platform to build edge AI solutions quickly, reliably and with minimal time and effort.


  • Home Security & Consumer IoT
  • SMB Vision AI
  • PERS
  • Elder Care
  • Real Estate
  • Smart Hotel/Apartments

APP/SDK & Vision AI

  • Face Detection
  • Pet Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Human Detection
  • People Counting
  • Fall Detection

Cloud Backend

  • Device, Video, Storage Management
  • Notification, Users, AI Integrations
  • Cameras
  • Panel
  • Sensors
  • Professional Monitoring

Reduce Time, Cost and Risk With an All-In-One Back End

Save months of time, millions of dollars and reduce overall risk compared to in-house vision AI solution development.

Industry Agnostic

A customizable vision AI platform for a vast range of industries and vision AI applications.


Open platform for vision AI solutions that address multiple business needs. Ability to add existing IP cameras and AI hub to run AI models. Web UI for management and configuration.

Consumer App

Superior user experience and functionality with activity alerts; Trusted by 15 million people worldwide. Available on iOS and Android.

Cloud Back End

Device, video and storage management. Plus manage notifications, users and AI integrations.

Infinite Vision AI Applications

People Counting

Crowd control, venue and workplace safety. AI-sensors detect humans and identify the population density of a crowd.

Vehicle Detection

Smart cities, highway management, parking lot safety. Vision-based sensors are trained to identify cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Fall & Elopement Detection

Improve safety in senior care, detect potential physical hazards, dispatch care staff and gather insight to prevent future risks. Sensors detect sudden changes in body position.

Retail Environment Enhancement

Track customer flow, analyze behavioral patterns, optimize merchandise decisions, and ensure store management and security.

Surveillance & Security

Prevent unauthorized access, monitor activity and regulatory compliance, gauge body temperatures, and ensure site safety for workers.

Work Site Safety

Construction, oil and gas and manufacturing industries. Ensure worker safety, simplify predictive maintenance, ensure equipment health and raw material supplies, manage regulatory compliance and address manpower requirements.

Our Flexible Platform Plugs Into Your Existing Infrastructure

Our platform works
with existing cameras

You can install
new cameras

AI models that fit
your needs

Select different alerts
and notifications

Whitelabel Web UI
and mobile apps

You install control
panels and sensors

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