Emergency Video Verification and Why it’s Important for Home Health Care

What is aging-in-place, and why are more seniors choosing this option vs. assisted living. 

Before we talk about the benefits of Emergency Video Verification, we think it’s important to understand why now is the time to introduce it into your offering. We have all heard this term by now, “aging-in-place.” It’s been around now for quite some time. In the last ten years, we have seen a boom in older adults actively choosing to remain independent as long as possible and do so in the comforts of their own homes.

According to one AARP survey, roughly 90% of American seniors wish to live at home for as long as possible. More and more businesses understand this fact and are making adjustments to improve daily living through advanced technology. Emergency video verification can be a tool used by those choosing aging-in-place and the businesses that serve them.

So, why do people choose to age-in-place? There are significant benefits that contribute to older adults’ overall mental and physical well-being that make this choice. Here are the crucial benefits.

  1. Maintaining Independence
  2. Familiar Setting & Routines
  3. Healthier & Safer Environment
  4. Cost-Savings of Living at Home

What is Emergency Video Verification?

Emergency Video Verification is an option that allows a monitoring center personnel or preauthorized care circle members to view footage captured by our privacy cameras if and only if a personal emergency response system (PERS) signals a medical alert. The monitoring center agent or Care Circle member who received the alert will review the footage to determine whether or not an emergency event has taken place. Emergency Video Verification enables quicker, more accurate emergency service responses and reduces false alarms.

Emergency Video Verification is just that in the event of an emergency. Access will expire after a short period, and the camera will return to privacy mood.

Please take a look at our diagram to understand precisely how it works. It’s pretty simple.

Diagram of Emergency Video Verification

Why your business needs Emergency Video Verification

Kami Vision’s specialty privacy cameras can easily integrate with existing solutions to provide a robust full coverage offering that can give professional monitoring centers the extra edge necessary with the ability to access critical live video or video clips. If, and only if, there is a medical alert signaled. This vital information is urgently passed along to first responders to save time and increase accuracy.

In the case of cognitive impairment, the live video gives insight that words may not convey. Emergency Video verification closes the gap between client feedback and understanding of the event giving your business a competitive advantage over similar services.

Benefits for both older adults and the businesses they rely on

  1. Immediate and actionable emergency event data
  2. Enhanced response time
  3. Improved overall safety
  4. Creates a line of communication
  5. Reduce false alerts


In conclusion… 

Knowing what’s going on with your seniors can be significant. This is especially true if you’re providing in-home care for them. Emergency video verification allows you to understand events you wouldn’t otherwise be able to and significantly impact seniors everywhere. 

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