Introducing Fall Detect by KamiCare

Introducing Fall Detect by KamiCare

New AI Tech for Aging & Longevity Helps Seniors Safely Stay at Home Longer with Greater Peace of Mind for Caregivers

Today we are pleased to announce Fall Detect by KamiCare, the world’s first fall detection and assistance system with artificial intelligence for in-home use to help seniors safely age in place and provide peace of mind to their family, friends and caregivers.

A Caregiver Shortage Meets a Senior Population Boom

Did you know there are 53 million (1 in 5) unpaid family caregivers in the US? The majority of these people care for seniors, especially those who want to age in place for as long as possible at home, which is the overwhelming majority of adults over age 50 (77%), according to AARP. And rightfully so – Studies show aging in place promotes a higher quality of life and self-esteem.

But with the current caregiver shortage only projected to worsen – by 2035, the elderly population will outnumber children for the first time in our country’s history – and caregivers already suffering from stress, financial burden and burnout, we must do more to support this vital unpaid workforce.

Supercharging Caregivers with AI for Max Safety

Fall Detect by KamiCare addresses the #1 risk to seniors and provides caregivers “eyes and ears on the ground” to alleviate a portion of the care burden. Designed for the realities of today’s caregivers – often living in a different state than their loved one or coordinating care with a group of family members – Fall Detect is a brand new type of resource to supercharge caregiving capabilities and extend support even if they are not physically present.

Leveraging the same professional-grade technology loved by senior living communities across the country, Fall Detect instantly alerts family members, friends or caregivers if a fall is detected, mobilizing teams to coordinate care. With real-time alerts, live views and two-way communication, friends, family and caregivers to provide better, more effective and more efficient care. Plus, they gain peace of mind to know their loved ones are safe. Fall Detect by KamiCare is 99% accurate, reducing 80% of fall-related ER visits and with visual fall evidence, caregivers can address fall contributing factors and implement personalized care plans to reduce future fall risk by 60%.

A Better Way Forward

We must rethink how we care for our senior population and those who care for them. What if we cared for our aging population with a more comprehensive, effective protocol that enabled greater safety and peace of mind? Vision AI fall detection is a course changer that can significantly extend aging in place and support freedom and autonomy as we age. 

What if we could create a new, blended model of care to change the trajectory of senior care in the US? Are you impacted by caregiving for a senior?

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