Kami Vision Introduces the KamiCare Fall Management Solution

The most accurate, affordable, and easy to install fall detection system

Each year nearly 36 million older adults suffer from an unexpected fall, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that at least three million of these falls result in emergency room visits. Falls are also the leading cause of traumatic brain injury and hip fracture in people over the age of 65.

It’s no secret that falling poses a significant threat to seniors and their ability to stay healthy, active, and independent. Currently, the medical alert industry has multiple options available to help respond to and reduce the risks attributed to falling. These include wearable pendants and watches, bed alarms, radar sensors, and most recently, AI sensors. 

Wearable alert systems are not without problems. People must remember to charge and use their devices—not to mention, pendants or necklaces often carry an emotional weight or social stigma for the person wearing them. While bed alarms and radar sensors don’t have those issues, they are often inaccurate and can lead to false detection or under-detection. 

AI sensors — the newest development in fall detection — enhance protection through smart design. KamiCare’s AI sensors eliminate the hassle and stigma (I don’t need to wear a device, I’ll wear one when I really fall) of other devices. The innovative design is 99% accurate in fall detection, effectively eliminating false alerts. Caregivers and staff are notified immediately – reducing the risk of serious injuries caused by falls and improving fall prevention practices. 

The experts at KamiCare have identified the core needs of those in senior living facilities and people at risk of falling at home. The technology is easy to use and install—it runs on WiFi and plugs into any standard wall outlet. Additionally, the device is stigma-free and does not require batteries or charging. Unlike some competitors, KamiCare provides 24/7 professional monitoring to confirm the falls, and trigger an alert for the dedicated caregiver.

It works by first being plugged into an outlet in a bedroom, or other living area. Once plugged in, KamiCare’s advanced AI sensors go to work immediately. If the system notices abrupt changes in body movement similar to a fall, then a secure and encrypted video is sent to the KamiCare response team for review. If a fall is confirmed, then the caregiver, or other responsible parties, are sent an eMail, SMS message, or phone call fewer than two minutes after the incident occurs. It’s important to know that all video clips are blurred to protect the user’s privacy, and all videos without evidence of a fall are not kept.

With the combination of this advanced AI technology and dedicated monitoring, KamiCare helps seniors to stay active and independent. It makes caring for an older adult more manageable and provides senior living facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes with a fall detection solution that is both accurate and responsive. 

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