The Most Advanced Fall
Management and Prevention
Solution For Senior Living

“We saw an immediate and remarkable return on our investment in Farmington and we expect the same in expanded locations. We have even seen move-ins partly because we are using KamiCare. One family in particular chose our home over a larger competitor because we offer advanced fall management technology.” 

Nate Manning, COO of The Manning Group, 
owner of BeeHive Homes

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Improve Outcomes for Residents & Families

1. Communities have reduced falls by 54% in 90 days.
2. Care teams get notified of falls in under 2 minutes.
3. After an unwitnessed fall that results in an injury, your care team will know exactly what happened and be able to

Increase Care Team Efficiency & Save Time

1. Reduce the number and frequency of fall checks and rounds by 63%
2. Save 87% of time spent on fall investigations and paperwork
3. Your team only receives verified fall notifications that they can trust
4. Empower fewer team members to care for more residents while providing a higher level of care

Increase Occupancy and Revenue

1. Get a competitive advantage in your market that has been proven to increase new resident move-ins
2. Increase the average length of resident stays by reducing fall-related move-outs

Watch The Success Story Below
This community was able to:

1. Reduce falls by 31% in the first 30 days and by 54% in 90 days.
2. Uncover root causes of falls and identify interventions.
3. Reduce their fall response time to under 2 minutes.
4. Attract new residents and increase referrals.

Free Pilot For Senior Living Communities*
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